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Can you name the cultural, political and historical events of Kurdistan?

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This country has the largest concentration of Kurds?
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
Flag Color
What symbol lies in the middle of the flag?
Name of the safe havens, for Kurds, established after the Golf War
President of the Kurdish national authority(KRG)?
Capital of Kurdistan, that lies in southeastern Turkey
The Kurds are a part of the Iranian people, what were the ancient Iranians called?
In what northern Syrian village is the population mainly Kurdish?
In what of the countries that comprimise Kurdistan sees Kurdish as a national language?
The president of Iraq has Kurdish roots, what is his name?
The Islamic Ayyubid dynasty, centered in Egypt was founded by a well known Kurd, who
Saladin conquered the Holy City from the crusaders in what year?
In 2011 an earthquake shaked a south eastern, heavily Kurdish populated province in Turkey - what was the name of the province?
The Kurdistan Worker's party listed as a terror organization by the USA, European Union and Turkey is usually called:
The former leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party was captured in 1999 - what is his name?
Kurdish dialect mainly spoken in Turkey
European country with the most Kurdish inhabitants
Capital of KRG
What pro-Kurdish party in the Turkish parliament
Kurdish dish, very big resemblence of rice
Bread of Kurdish/Indian origin, starts with 'n'
The highest estimate of people with Kurdish roots
Kurdish national anthem
A short termed Kurdish fully independent state in Iran in the period 1946-1947
Dad to the current president of KRG, and one of the most prominent Kurdish figures in modern history
Kurdish singer, model and businessman (born 1952), attempted assasinated in 1990, 1998 and shot in the head 2011
A female politician of Kurdish descent from Eastern Turkey, who was imprisoned for 10 years for speaking her native language of Kurdish in the Turkish Parliament
Accidental bombings of civilian Kurds in December 2011, how many Kurds were killed?
In 2005 the nobel litterature prize winner stated that mass killings of Kurds and Armenians had taken place during the Ottoman Empire - what is his name?
The genocidal massacre against the Kurdish people in 1988 took place in what Iraqi village?
How many people were killed that day?

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