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DescriptionName of WarInfo
1948-1949 This war was preceeded by years of civil war between the Jewish community and the Palestinians, to the UN suggestion of the Palestinian partition plan.
1956Gamel Abdel-al Nasser needed financing for his Aswan dam, 4 years after having seized power in a military coup from king Farouk. After having recognized the PRC, the Americans withdrew their financial support of the Aswan Dam (as part of the Truman doctrine) Nasser was provoked by this act carried on by the Americans and as a reaction - he nationalized the Suez Canal. The Brits and French though were not satisfied, as they had interest rates in the Suez Canal and being a part of the vital trade route it is, this would deal a severe blow to many Western economies trading with the Far East (especially Britain). Therefore they took advantage of Israel as a proxy nation and used them to justify a later aggresion. The Israelis were to attack Egypt for provoking and creating unstability in the region, whereafter France and Britain would take part in the battles under the agenda of achieving peace and stability, yet they only wanted the Egyptians to stop tolling the Suez Canale. Political victory for Egypt.
DescriptionName of WarInfo
1967A treaty had been signed, concerning the Suez Canal saying that if Suez was to be closed by Egypt it would be considered an act of war. This Gamel Abdel Nasser did. The outcome of the war: Israel managed to get the Golan Heights, Westbank, the Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsuela
1967-1970Small battles and mobilizations near the Egyptian-Israeli border
DescriptionName of WarInfo
1973Gamel Abdel al-Nasser has 3 years earlier passed away, and the new president Anwar al-Sadat seeks a way to win popularity amongst the people for his liberalization of the economy. The Israelis were shochked as the initiating attack happened unexpectedly, yet they managed to fight the Arabs back - political victory for the Arab World.
1982-1983Under the cover of avenging a killed Israeli diplomat Israel engages in the ongoing Lebanese civil war to rinse out the PLO (as they had their headquarters there), but this triggered a wave of anti-government groups within Israel and was highly regarded (in the West) as unjustful.
DescriptionName of WarInfo
2006Rocket, artillery and mortar exchange from Hezbollah and IDF eventually leads to an invasion from IDF - hurts the infrastructure badly in Lebanon, and Hezbollahs popularity increases in Lebanon

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