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Former RulerSuccessorInfo
Zar Nicholas II of Russia (1917) - the Bolshevik, that succeded him not Prince LvovAbdicated after the first Russian Revolution in March 1917 - shot along with his family, during the Civil War, by the bolscheviks
King Farouk (1952) - his son Fuad does not count, as he was just an infant.His defeat in the first Israeli war, his state as a marionet puppet for the British and corruption lead to a military coup.
Idris of Libya (1969)His pro-Western attitude and lack of panarabism lead to him being ousted by Libyan army officers in 1969 while being treated in Turkey
Caliph Abdülmecid II (1924) - the sultanate was abolished in 1922 with the ousting of Mehmed VI Fearing that expectations for a return of power to the caliph, made the regents precedor abolish the caliphate, and thereby becoming one step closer to his plans of a modern, secular Turkey
Prince Kiril of Bulgaria (1946)With the Soviets entering Bulgaria (as Bulgaria had been a part of the Axis Powers) they quickly sought to intimidate any non-communist opposition, and help the existing communist powers gain power - this happened through a provisional government.
Puyi (1911)The population of China in the start 1900 cared little for politics, yet the government (monarchy) were blamed for the hunger, floodings, corruption, and the fact that most high-ranked citizens were foreigners - this and the recent Boxer Rebellion led to an overthrowing of Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing-dynasty and China, by nationalist powers
Former RulerSuccessorInfo
King Louis XVI (1792) - name the leader of the 'Jacobins'The overthrow of King Louis XVI was sparkled by the critical state of French rule. The revolutionaries, though, never managed to create a stable republic and the banner carriers of the revolution fell out of favor, and were executed just one year after the Revolution, whereafter Napoleon, ironically, ceased power and established a new monarchy. Monarchy in France was first to be completely abolished in 1870, after having lost to Bismarck's Prussia.
Bogd Khan (1924) Mongolia - Jadambaa's preecedor, as he only reigned for one dayMongolia constituted itself after the Xinhai-Revolution in China as an independent, Tibetanian, monarchy led by their spiritual leader Bogd Khan. The transition from monarchy to republic happened quickly, yet the banning of the search for a new Bogd Khan was banned and Mongolia remained a republic later to become under communist influence.
King Zog, Ahmed Bey Zogu (1939)King Zog fled the country during Mussolinis invasion of Albania
Wilhelm II The German Revolution was a reaction to the lost World War 1, where Prussia (Germany) was dissolved.
Ferdinand VII (1824, Bolivia)This Latinamerican nationalist and general drove Spain from many South American countries including Bolivia (first completely independent after the Civil War in 1825)

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