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Can you name the words that start with 'ex-'?

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HintEx- word
Synonymous with 'intense'
To criticize and slander harshly
Make something more dramatic than it is
The base is raised to this
What a snake sheds
Test often conducted in a lab
Astounding, great, fantastic
Sending a criminal to the 'scene of the crime'
Hanging, electric chair, lethal injection
Banishment from a church
Often prefaced by 'e.g.'
The outside
Eradication, total elimination
Highly priced
HintEx- word
Purging of a demon
Dung, feces, etc.
A practiced professional
A product sold or shipped by a country
Quell a fire
Go over the limit
To lengthen
Work out
The dog ate my homework!
A snippet of literature
Banishment from a country
To worsen
Your finger is one
Life on a broader scale

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