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Forced Order
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This person...Name
1. Patriarch, eventually goes crazy from too much thinking and is tied to tree
2. Matriarch, eventually turns into raisin
3. Eldest son of #1 and #2, eventually fights many battles and (finally) dies
4. Second son of #1 and #2 eventually goes away and comes back with tattoos. Dies mysteriously.
5. Biological daughter of #1 and #2 eventually lives out her whole miserable life as a virgin
6. Adopted daughter of #1 and #2 eventually marries #4 and possibly shoots him. Likes to eat dirt and whitewash
7. Wife of #3, eventually dies, leaving nothing but a daguerrotype of herself and some dolls
8. Mother of only 3rd generation Buendias
9. Son of #3 and #8, eventually falls in love with his aunt, #5
10. 17 sons of #3 all by different women
11. Son of #4 and #8, eventually makes a pitiful attempt at governing Macondo
12. Marries #11, because even though #11 wanted #8, #8 was his mother
This person...Name
13. Daughter of #11 and #12, very beautiful, eventually flies away with the sheets, much to the chagrin of #16
14. Twin son #11 and #12, eventually gets fat, then skinny again, and alternates living with his wife and his mistress
15. Twin son of #11 and #12, eventually stays in a room during a flood, and is forgotten for a few years
16. Wife of #14, raised a princess, eventually becomes obsessed with 'invisible doctors'
17. Eldest daughter of #14 and #16, eventually learns the clavichord and has a son # 20
18. Son of #14 and #16, eventually discovered that he was only pretending to become the Pope. Murdered by small children while taking a bath.
19. Second daughter of #14 and #16, eventually falls in love with nephew (#22), and leaves her french husband (#21) for him
20. Has child with #17, mechanic, eventually shot in the back, swarmed with yellow butterflies
21. French husband of #19, eventually cuckolded for his own nephew
22. Son of #17 and #20, eventually falls in love with his aunt, #19, and unveils the cyclically prophesied fate of his entire ancestry
23. Son of #19 and #22, has a pig tail, eventually carried off by ants

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