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Vegetable in other languagesVegetable in EnglishLanguages used
sukkerroer, betys, řepaDanish, Welsh, Czech
pinaati, sbigoglys, epinaFinnish, Welsh, Haitian Creole
bawang perai, kurrat, póréhagymaIndonesian, Maltese, Hungarian
suc ​​de fructe, skvošs, kalabasaRomanian, Latvian, Filipino
zweibel, sīpols, svogūnasGerman, Latvian, Lithuanian
spergilkál, bông cải xanh, bròquilIcelandic, Vietnamese, Catalan
jamgyökér, khoai lang, ñameHungarian, Vietnamese, Spanish
reďkev, rabanete, raphanumSlovak, Portuguese, Latin
uri ng halamang panggamot, skarol, witloofFilipino, Haitian Creole, Afrikaans
rucola, roka, rukoloItalian, Turkish, Slovenian
Vegetable in other languagesVegetable in EnglishLanguages used
blaarslaai, salat, salaattiAfrikaans, Icelandic, Finnish
khoai tây, bulvės, kartoffelVietnamese, Lithuanian, German
carxofa, CINARA, anghinareCatalan, Latin, Romanian
blat de moro, milho, papkornCatalan, Portuguese, Filipino
moron, porkkana, cà rốtWelsh, Finnish, Vietnamese
ervilha, grašak, hạt đậuPortuguese, Croatian, Vietnamese
zelí, repolo, chouCzech, Galician, Haitian Creole
selderij, ţelină, apiDutch, Romanian, Catalan
bawang putih, fokhagyma, layMalay, Hungarian, Haitian Creole
spárga, beluši, shpargHungarian, Slovenian, Albanian

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