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Who Kills Keith?
Who does Brooke date in season 2?
Who does Lucas date in season 2?
What is the name of Nathans High Flyer rival
What show does Rachel question everyone watching after the school shooting
What song do Haley and Chris Keller do a duet too?
Who sings the opening theme to the show
Who sings at Karens Cafe after they are closed?
What is Jamies Nanny's name
Who starts the school shooting
During Halloween who does Lucas go dressed as
What heart condition does Lucas have
What is the name of Keiths Fiance in season 2
Whats is Jules real name
Who does Tree Hill beat to win the state championship
Who hits the game winning shot in the State championship game
What is Nathans grandfathers name
What is Jakes daughters name
Who does Lucas meet at the blue post after walking out on dinner with his mom and haley
What is mouths real name
Who does Lucas quote at the end of season 2
What is Debs maiden name
Who does Skills date in season 3 and 4
Who is the first pick in the fantasy boy draft
Who does Brooke pick in the fantasy boy draft in order to piss off Rachel
What is the principals name in the first 5 seasons
Where does Lucas talk to Peyton for the first time
Where does Nathan lose his scholarship to
Nathan gets thrown through what at a bar
What pro basketball player do nathan and lucas meet in season 2
What is the title of Lucas's book
What is the name of the baby Brooke fosters in season 5
Who is Lucas's first finace
Who does Lucas call to meet him at the airport to get married
What is Brookes middle name
What is Peytons biological mothers name
What is the name of the record label Peyton runs
What does Lucas say when he tells he Brooke setup her living with Karen so she didnt have to leave for California
When Peyton tells Lucas she loves him what is his response
What is the name of the Gangster Nathan gets involved with in season 4
What is the name of Brookes clothing company
When Lucas's book gets published who meets him at the party to celebrate
What does Felix spraypaint on Peytons Locker
What is Brookes mothers name
Who does Brooke make a sex tape with
Who's mom does skills date
What piece of clothing does Haley own that is always made of fun on the show
What book do Haley and Karen give Lucas in the first episode
Whats the name of Haleys song in season 3 that she sings for the benefit concert
Who should Lucas have ended up with?

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