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How much do you know about Harry Houdini?

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Birth name
Birthplace (city)
Birthplace (country)
Brother who was also a magician
Wife's name
Magician he named himself after
Early alternate name: Harry ______ Houdini
Organization of which Houdini was President, 1917–1926
Famous Act in which Houdini invited the audience to hold their breath along with him
London newspaper that challenged Houdini to escape special handcuffs in 1904
Animal that Houdini made vanish at the Hippodrome Theater
Most famous trick
What Houdini worked to debunk in his later years
Sherlock Holmes author and friend-turned-foe of Houdini who was a believer in the above^
Fraternal organization to which Houdini belonged
Holiday on which Houdini died
Houdini's cause of death
Conducted every year on the anniversary of his death
Where Houdini was given a star in 1975

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