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Name the only number that is in alphabetical order when spelled out.
Name the only day of the week that has a one-word anagram.
What does the 'O' in 'J. JASON, D.J., FM/AM' stand for?
When hand-written in upper-case letters, name the 5-letter word that looks like the same word when rotated 180 degrees.
Take the letters in 'new door' and rearrange them to make one word. There is only one solution.
Replace the blanks with the same 7 letters in the same order to form a sentence. The letters may form 1 or 2 words. A _____ doctor was _____ to operate because he had _____.
Name the longest word that one cannot tell visually if it's been hand-written in all upper-case or all lower-case letters. Hint: it's eight letters and is a food.
Name the three missing letters in this word: under###under
Name the four-letter word that is the plural of 'cow' (not cows).
Name the six-letter word that contains five personal pronouns within it.
Name the nine-letter word composed entirely of letters with horizontal symmetry in upper case (with certain fonts).
Name a three-letter one-syllable word that can be made into a three-syllable word by adding just one letter to the end.
If you pull pranks, then you might know this seven-letter word that has three dotted letters in succession.
Name the seven-letter word that contains all five vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and begins with an 's'.
Name the two-syllable word that can be made one-syllable by adding two letters to it. Hint: it's six letters (before adding the letters) and begins with an 'r'.
Name an eight-letter word that contains five consecutive vowels. Hint: It begins with a 'q'.
Name the one-word anagram for the word 'pictures' that starts with 'p'.
Name the common eight-letter word that has 'omaha' in it.
Name the 'magical' word that starts with the same four letters that it ends with, in the same order. It's also the name of a song.
Name the shortest word that contains all six vowels (a, e, i, o, u, y) in order. Hint: It begins with an 'f'.

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