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Forced Order
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What are the names of the droids who attack Obi wan's starfighter?
They kill Obi wan's droid what is the name of this droid
What is the name of General Grievous's ship
Obi:I sense a trap Anakin:next move? Obi wan:........
General Grievous's first line
Why does Anakin kill Count Dooku even though he shouldn't have?
How are the three of them captured by Grievous?
What was Grievous expecting anakin to be given his reputation?
Grievous:You Lose........
What form of transport does Grievous use to flee his ship?
The jedi let Anakin be on the council but they do not grant him the what?
Yoda:...................with the wookie's I have.
What Planet does Obi wan travel to in searh of Grievous?
And meets this Utapaun?
The name of the creature obi wan rides in Utapau?
The planet of the Wookie's?
Obi wan jumps down to confront Grievous what two words does he say?
Who trained Grievous in the jedi arts?
How many lightsaber's does grievous wield?
How many of them are his own?
The clones come but who is the Commander for that Squadron
'the dark side of the force surrounds the chancellor' who says that?
How is Grievous killed?
What does Anakin discover and report to Mace Windu?
What person Does palpatine use to turn Anakin to the dark side?
Palpatine:Their __________shall be dealt with
Clone:Im sorry sir its time for you to leave. Bail:.........
Anakin travels to this planet?
To kill all of the__________?
Padme:Your going down..........
Anakin:You turned her against me Obi wan:.............
Yoda faces Darth............on coruscant?
Obi wan:I shall do what I must Anakin:.........
Who's airspeeder does Yoda jump into after facing Darth sidious
Obi wan:Bring balance to the force not......
On what planet are Leia and Luke born?
Who adopts Leia?
To what planet?
Who raises Luke

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