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What town is the sitcom based in?
What is the name of the building jez and mark live in?
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Jez had sex with:
Mark had sex with
Mark had sex with:
Mark had sex with
Mark had sex with
Mark was raped by
Name of the company who Mark, and briefly Jez work for
Marks main office rival
Jez and Super Hans give each other blow jobs s1e4 is reffered to as:
Name of Jez's uncle who dies
Name of sophies dance class (s2e1)
What university did mark and jez attend?
What city does sophie move to in series 3
Jez organizes what at the flat when mark is supposed to be on a business trip
Mark uses his sunday times mega deal vouchers for a trip to the_______________________ where he accidentaly proposes
what is sophies dad called
Sophies mum gifts jez a:
In which uk town does Mark have to do a presentation to the board
s4 e3 Mark does what to avoid spending time with Sophie
Jez becomes the 'handyman' for a techno musician called Russell, what is Russells stage name?
What is the name of the Dog that Jez eats on the canal boat
What STI does Jez have
What is the name of the club where jez and super hans have a gig (s5e2)
How does mark meet his very brief australian girlfreind saz
Jez's mothers boyfreind is called
What nickname do jeremy and mark give to the gun (s5e4)
what is the name of the mexican restaurant where mark works
Jeremy wants super hans to change the name of the band man feelings to:
Jez wanted man feelings to peform in what attire at their gig in Brockley?
What is the only book Jez has ever read
What does mark name his dildo
what is Zahra's boyfreind called
What is super hans' favourite drug
where does super hans accidentaly run to
What does mark want to call his son instead of ian james
what vegetable do mark and his father argue about on christmas day
What gift does Mark give to Jez and Dobby for christmas
What is Sophies cousin who gives super hans a blow job called
Who does Mark form the 'Dobby club' with

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