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Can you name the words that have 'bis' in the beginning, middle or end?

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HintPiece of B(i)S
Past tense of preserving an object by helping it
Egyptian God that resembled a Jackal
Term for liking both genders
Multiple spiritual Jewish teachers
Another name for marijuana
A French soup, usually with lobster
Multiple strong, Japanese 'horseradishes'
Capital of ND
Floral Hawaiian pattern
PokeDex number #625
HintPiece of B(i)S
An elitist person is...
A line that cuts a figure in half
Melting Point is 520.6 degrees Fahrenheit, has 83 protons
To be like a slob
Diagonally moving pieces, one on white and one on black
A pancake mix
A bird with a slender, downward-curving beak
One name for the roaming beast of the Midwest
Game Company, produced Skylanders, Just Dance and Assassins Creed to name a few

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