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Forced Order
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Which city is the Scout from?
Which company owns Team Fortress 2?
Team Fortress 2 was the sequel to a mod of which game?
Name one 'idle taunt':
The Demoman is from which country?
What is the Heavy's iconic food?
What does RED stand for?
Which song do all classes dance to during the Halloween taunt?
What is the item you get if a person says you recommended Team Fortress 2 to them and they got a premium membership?
Name one of the mediguns, other than the stock medigun
Name one bread-themed weapon in Team Fortress 2
How many colors of Summer 2013 Coolers are there?
What is the last name of the girl Scout has a crush on?
Using default controls, what do you ask an Engineer to place by pressing 'x' and then '5'?
Which version of Mann vs Machine does a Tour of Duty ticket allow you to do?
Which country is the Spy from?
What is the name of the Heavy's minigun?
Which was the last 'Meet the' video made?
Name one Halloween boss
The item set Eliminating the Impossible reduces mystery solving time by how much?
Which update added the Duck Journal, Snow Sleeves and Double Dynamite?
What is the smallest class?
Which country was the Sniper born in?
Which classes can equip the B.A.S.E Jumper?
Which item quality has an approximate %1 chance of being unboxed in almost every crate?
What is the name of the promotional Scout item from the game RIFT?
The Ap-Sap is a promotional item from which game?
Name one item in the Clinical Trial item set
Finish the line: We cannot ________ bread anymore!
Which class is the 2nd slowest?
Name the weapon given to the Saxxy Award winners
What is the most expensive unusual in Team Fortress 2?
What is the Engineer's name?
In the 'Meet the Spy' trailer, who is the spy disguised as?
The spy is known for having a relationship with who's mother?
Which item bundle was Team Fortress 2 in originally?
Which Mann vs Machine tour allows you to get Australium weapons?
What was the promotional item given to Mac Team Fortress 2 users?
Using default controls, which class does the 'e' button call for?
What is the proper name for the Heavy's fist taunt?
What is the only achievement taunt?
In the game mode Special Delivery, what item do you have to bring to the rocket?
What is the Demoman's name?
Name one of the items in the Tin Soldier item set
Which class doesn't speak?
What is the item used to open up a Mann Co. Supply Crate?
How many weapons does it take to have enough refined to craft a hat?
Who is the owner of Mann Co.?
What does the Soda Popper build up?
Name one of the classes that the Private Eye is for

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