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Can you name the Pikmin 2 Exploration Kit?

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Extends your whistle's rangeFound in Shower Room
Plucks pikmin by using your whistleFound in Submerged Castle
Gives illumination in darker cavesFound in Subterranean Complex
Protects your pilot with stronger armorFound in Snagret Hole
Makes your pilot flame-resistantFound in Bulblax Kingdom
Makes your pilot resistant to electricityFound in Glutton's Kitchen
Lets your pilot run fasterFound in Frontier Cavern
Upgrades your punching abilityFound in Frontier Cavern
Gives you a treasure gaugeFound in Hole of Beasts
Gives you the path to Awakening WoodFound in Emergence Cave
Gives you the path to Perplexing Pool Found in Awakening Wood(not in a cave)
Lets your pilot nap Found in White Flower Garden

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