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Who is Peters daughter?
Who created Family Guy
What is the town that the Griffins live on?
What is the name of the street that the Griffins live on?
What happens first - Lois kills Stewie or Stewie kills Lois?
What is the name of the cleaning lady?
In what year was the first episode created?
Who is the neighbor directly to the Griffins left?
What beer do they drink on Family Guy?
In one episode when Meg gets a sex change, what is her new name?
Peter walks ________ down the isle
According to Peter, all Russians are what?
What Color is the Griffins door?
What was Peters old Job?
In one episode, what former US President does Lois sleep with?
What children's show does Stewie appear on?
What is his name on that said show?
Who is the Mayor of Quahog?
What is the name of the High School that Chris and Meg attend?
Who is Joe's wife?

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