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QUIZ: Can you name the Family Guy 2?

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What is the name of Stewie's stuffed animal bear?
What is the name of the night club that Stewie creates?
What is the name of the bar that Peter and his friends always go to?
When Peter gets a stroke, what side of his body gets messed up, right or left?
What type of store does Mort Goldman own?
What position does Peter play when he joins the Patriots?
What is the name of Lois' long lost brother?
What was the toy factory called where Peter first worked?
Who is Peter's arch nemesis?
What do Chris and Carl (the guy behind the counter at the Quahog mini-mart) often talk about?
Who is the replacement for Diane Simmons on the Quahog 5 news?
Who takes Meg to her prom?

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