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Best Picture Oscar 1985Sydney Pollack
Best Picture Oscar 1986Oliver Stone
Best Picture Oscar 1987Bernardo Bertolucci
Best Picture Oscar 1988Barry Levinson
Best Picture Oscar 1989Bruce Beresford
Best Picture Oscar 1990Kevin Costner
Best Picture Oscar 1991Jonathan Demme
Best Picture Oscar 1992Clint Eastwood
Best Picture Oscar 1993Steven Spielberg
Best Picture Oscar 1994Robert Zemeckis
Best Picture Oscar 1995Mel Gibson
Best Picture Oscar 1996Anthony Minghella
Best Picture Oscar 1997James Cameron
Best Picture Oscar 1998John Madden
Best Picture Oscar 1999Sam Mendes
Best Picture Oscar 2000Ridley Scott
Best Picture Oscar 2001Ron Howard
Best Picture Oscar 2002Rob Marshall
Best Picture Oscar 2003Peter Jackson
Best Picture Oscar 2004Clint Eastwood
Best Picture Oscar 2005Paul Haggis
Best Picture Oscar 2006Martin Scorsese
Best Picture Oscar 2007Joel and Ethan Coen
Best Picture Oscar 2008Danny Boyle
Best Picture Oscar 2009Kathryn Bigelow
Palme d'Or 1985Emir Kusturica
Palme d'Or 1986Roland Joffé
Palme d'Or 1987Maurice Pialat
Palme d'Or 1988Bille August
Palme d'Or 1989Steven Soderbergh
Palme d'Or 1990David Lynch
Palme d'Or 1991Joel and Ethan Coen
Palme d'Or 1992Bille August
Palme d'Or 1993Chen Kaige
Palme d'Or 1993Jane Campion
Palme d'Or 1994Quentin Tarantino
Palme d'Or 1995Emir Kusturica
Palme d'Or 1996Mike Leigh
Palme d'Or 1997Abbas Kiarostami
Palme d'Or 1997Shohei Imamura
Palme d'Or 1998Theo Angelopoulos
Palme d'Or 1999Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Palme d'Or 2000Lars von Trier
Palme d'Or 2001Nanni Moretti
Palme d'Or 2002Roman Polanski
Palme d'Or 2003Gus Van Sant
Palme d'Or 2004Michael Moore
Palme d'Or 2005Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Palme d'Or 2006Ken Loach
Palme d'Or 2007Cristian Mungiu
Palme d'Or 2008Laurent Cantet
Palme d'Or 2009Michael Haneke
Palme d'Or 2010Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Golden Lion 1985Agnès Varda
Golden Lion 1986Éric Rohmer
Golden Lion 1987Louis Malle
Golden Lion 1988Ermanno Olmi
Golden Lion 1989Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Golden Lion 1990Tom Stoppard
Golden Lion 1991Nikita Mikhalkov
Golden Lion 1992Zhang Yimou
Golden Lion 1993Robert Altman
Golden Lion 1993Krzysztof Kieślowski
Golden Lion 1994Tsai Ming-liang
Golden Lion 1994Milčo Mančevski
Golden Lion 1995Anh Hung Tran
Golden Lion 1996Neil Jordan
Golden Lion 1997Takeshi Kitano
Golden Lion 1998Gianni Amelio
Golden Lion 1999Zhang Yimou
Golden Lion 2000Jafar Panahi
Golden Lion 2001Mira Nair
Golden Lion 2002Peter Mullan
Golden Lion 2003Andrey Zvyagintsev
Golden Lion 2004Mike Leigh
Golden Lion 2005Ang Lee
Golden Lion 2006Jia Zhangke
Golden Lion 2007Ang Lee
Golden Lion 2008Darren Aronofsky
Golden Lion 2009Samuel Maoz
Golden Bear 1985Rainer Simon
Golden Bear 1985David Hare
Golden Bear 1986Reinhard Hauff
Golden Bear 1987Gleb Panfilov
Golden Bear 1988Zhang Yimou
Golden Bear 1989Barry Levinson
Golden Bear 1990Costa Gavras
Golden Bear 1990Jiri Menzel
Golden Bear 1991Marco Ferreri
Golden Bear 1992Lawrence Kasdan
Golden Bear 1993Xie Fei
Golden Bear 1993Ang Lee
Golden Bear 1994Jim Sheridan
Golden Bear 1995Bertrand Tavernier
Golden Bear 1996Ang Lee
Golden Bear 1997Miloš Forman
Golden Bear 1998Walter Salles
Golden Bear 1999Terrence Malick
Golden Bear 2000Paul Thomas Anderson
Golden Bear 2001Patrice Chéreau
Golden Bear 2002Hayao Miyazaki
Golden Bear 2002Paul Greengrass
Golden Bear 2003Michael Winterbottom
Golden Bear 2004Fatih Akin
Golden Bear 2005Mark Dornford-May
Golden Bear 2006Jasmila Žbanić
Golden Bear 2007Wang Quan'an
Golden Bear 2008José Padilha
Golden Bear 2009Claudia Llosa
Golden Bear 2010Semih Kaplanoğlu

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