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1.) Which of the following is NOT a multi-US state Metro area? A.) New York B.) Pittsburgh C.) Memphis D.) Portland
2.) Which of the following is a member of the European Union? A.) Norway B.) Belgium C.) Switzerland D.) Latvia
3.) What is the largest Christian denomination in Switzerland A.) Roman Catholic B.) Eastern Orthodox C.) Lutheran D.) Presbyterian
4.) What is the most common last letter of Asian countries and capitals? A.) 'A' B.) 'N' C.) 'I' D.) 'E'
5.) Which country claims the largest amount of Nobel Prize winners? A.) China B.) United States C.) India D.) United Kingdom
6.) Which of the following is NOT in the top ten most populous US cities East of the Mississippi River? A.) Columbus, OH B.) Charlotte C. ) Boston D.) Baltimore
7.) Which of the following world capitals is farthest from another country? A.) Tokyo B.) Wellington C.) Brasilia D.) Canberra
8.) Which of the following countries has a flag with two vertical stripes? A.) Brunei B.) Peru C.) Vatican City D.) San Marino
9.) Which of the following US states holds its Republican primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday? A.) Virginia B.) Massachusetts C.) Minnesota D.) Texas
10.) What is the most expensive world city to park in? A.) Hong Kong B.) London C.) Zurich D.) New York
11.) The record for hottest temperature ever was in which country? A.) Australia B.) United States C.) Saudi Arabia D.) Libya)
12.) Which of the following US cities do NOT have an airport with direct servive to deGaulle or Orly airports? A.) Newark B.) Minneapolis C.) San Diego D.) Charlotte
13.) What is the country with the most oil reserves? A.) Saudi Arabia B.) Iran C.) Canada D.) Russia
14.) Which of the following foods named after American places is fake? A.) Long Island iced tea B.) Baked Alaska C.) California Roll D.) Colorado Taco
15.) Which of the following urban areas do not take 2nd place in their country? A.) Mumbai B.) Shanghai C.) Ankara D.) Milan
16.) Which US state has the largest percentage of people with Irish ancestry A.) Pennsylvania B.) Wyoming C.) Vermont D.) Massachusetts
17.) Which country has the most indigenous languages? A.) India B.) Papua New Guinea C.) Indonesia D.) Brazil
18.) Which US state's fifth largest city is Southhaven? A.) Kentucky B.) Maine C.) Mississippi D.) Delaware
19.) Which of the following is a Spanish island? A.) Sicily B.) Rhodes C.) Mallorca D.) Mykonos
20.) Which of the following is not in the top ten largest countries in Africa by area? A.) Mali B.) Egypt C.) Niger D.) Angola
21.) What is the capital of Belarus? A.) Sofia B.) Bratislava C.) Riga D.) Minsk
22.) Which of the following is one of the 25 most populous countries? A.) South Korea B.) South Africa C.) Canada D.) Argentina
23.) What country has the largest sheep population? A.) United States B.) China C.) India D.) Iran
24.) Which of these states is not cut by the continental divide? A) Utah B) New Mexico C) Montana D) Colorado
25.) The record for coldest temperature ever was in which country? A.) Denmark (Greenland) B.) Canada C,.) United States D.) Russia
QuestionA, B, C, or D
26.) Which of the following cities had more skyscrapers in 1962? A.) Pittsburgh B.) Hong Kong C.) San Francisco D.) Sao Paulo
27.) Which of the following US states is NOT in multiple time zones? A.) Florida B.) North Dakota C.) Oklahoma D.) Tennessee
28.) Which of the following countries is NOT in OPEC? A.) Venezuela B.) Indonesia C.) Algeria D.) Angola
29.) Which of the following is NOT a US state capital? A.) Springfield B.) Charleston C.) Columbus D.) Albuquerque
29.) Which of the following US cities do NOT have an airport with a direct flight to Tokyo? A. Guam B.) Detroit C.) Honolulu D.) Anchorage
30.) Which of the following is an actual country? A. Nauru B.) Great Britain C.) Bermuda D.) Zaire
31.) Which of the following countries does NOT border China? A.) India B.) Bangladesh C.) Kyrgyzstan D.) Laos
32.) Which of the following is NOT a US state postal abbreviation? A.) ME B.) KS C.) NB D.) MD
33.) What is the country with the most megacities? A.) United States B.) India C.) China D.) Brazil
34.) Which of the following African countries is landlocked? A.) Algeria B.) Togo C.) Burkina Faso D.) Congo
35.) Which of the following US states does NOT have a GDP over 1 trillion? A.) Texas B.) Ohio C.) New York D.) California
36.) Which of the following is NOT a capital of a former Soviet country? A.) Bishkek B.) Kiev C.) Riga D.) Bucharest
37.) What is the easternmost US state capital? A.) Augusta B.) Boston C.) Providence D.) Hartford
38.) Which of the following is NOT in the top 25 most populous world metros? A.) Rio de Janeiro B.) Guangzhou C.) Manila D.) Tianjin
39.) What is the smallest country by area starting with 'S'? A.) San Marino B.) St. Lucia C.) St. Vincent and the Grenadines D.) Singapore
40.) What is the country that consumes the most cheese per capita? A.) United States B.) Liechtenstein C.) Greece D.) Finland
41.) Which of the following countries has more California residents of its origin? A.) Canada B.) China C.) Philippines D.) India
42.) Which country does not border Paraguay? A.) Uruguay B.) Argentina C.) Brazil D.) Bolivia
43.) Which of the following countries uses the metric system? A.) United States B.) Philippines C.) Liberia D.) Myanmar
44.) What is the city having the most billionaires? A.) New York B.) Tokyo C.) London D.) Moscow
45.) Which of the following is NOT a world capital city? A.) Naypyidaw B.) New Delhi C.) Suva D.) Mecca
46.) Which US state has hosted the most superbowls? A.) Florida B.) California C.) Louisiana D.) Texas
47.) What is London's IATA airport code? A.) LND B.) LON C.) LHR D.) SRW
48.) What country has the highest death per capita for venomous reptiles? A.) Brazil B.) Australia C.) Panama D.) Indonesia

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