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Head of the games research club, grey hair with glasses
Best friend of the magical girl turn evil at some point
Employee of the Mediisci, whose company adapted Kirino's novel
Tsundere, little sister, model, otaku, has a big brother, likes eroge and a magical girl anime, main character
Brother of Manami,
Otaku, moderator of Otaku Girls Unite!, and wears glasses with swirls
Rival track and field athlete the main female character in the Specials
Fellow model of the main character, reddish hair with pigtails
Antagonist of the magical girl
The sister of the friend of the main characters, likes yaoi
Big brother, main character
Bunny-like acquaintance of the magical girl
Childhood friend of the male main character
Previous British winner of the magical girl cosplay contest
Gothic Lolita, likes Maschera
Emcee of the magical girl cosplay contest
Fellow model of the main character, black hair
Mother of main characters
Assistant of the head of the games research club
Favorite magical girl character of the female main character
Father of main characters, strict, disapproves otaku
Friend of the male main character, also has a sister

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