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Can you name the FMLs, but this time, in sports?

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I spy Eli! How did he get out! Oh well, easy interception for me! What! There's Tyree! Crap! FML
I can win the Super Bowl! We're going to beat the Giants! Here we go! There it goes to the right! NOOOOO! Not the right! FML
My team has made a miracle! All I have to do is kick. Here we go! OW! My foot fell asleep! FML
The 3rd Base coach is waving me home! I can make it! The throw is offline! Crap! Theres Jeter! FML
We're going to win! Our band is already celebrating! Oh Crap! Where is Chuck Norris when you need him! FML
I'm earning so much money. Here comes Damon. I shall use my best pitch. Oh No! There she goes! FML
I was riding high, but my dang trainer busted me for steroids. He was the one who gave me them in the 1st place! FML
I'm under it! I can make the catch! I can beat the Yankees! (bobbled) FML
Good job team! You really did good! You were able to blow a 3-0 lead to Philly in the series and in Game 7! What was I thinking! FML
I'm running for the catch! I can rob a double! Ow, my head!!!!! FML

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