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Fangs, lives in a coffin, hates garlic, sunlight, and holy water
Built as a science experiment, was brought to life by a lightening bolt
Bird that bursts into flame when dies, tears has healing powers, pet of Dumbledore, and is reborn from its ashes
Giant octopus that attacks ships and can create whirlpools
A creature that only appears during the full moon
A pharaoh that returns to life to protect his tomb
An undead human that attacks in hordes and craves brains
A large hairy ape like creature that can be found in the Himalayas, and Pacific northwest
A white horse with a horn protruding from its head
A plesiosaur that is found in Scotland
A white horse in Greek Mythology that can fly
A creature nicknamed 'goat sucker', also found in Puerto Rico, and Latin America
A very small human with wings, magical powers, and lives in forests
A creature that has a body of a human and bottom of a horse
A violent and stupid larger version of a human that lives in the mount(Grawp)ains
Also violent and dim-witted, they eat men and within contact with the sun turns to stone
Half-human and half-fish is known to talk or sing to ships which eventually leads them to their doom
A horse like cryptid that can fly and a hockey team is named after it
The sons of Poseidon in Greek Mythology that are giant-like and have one eye
A half human half bull that was found in the Labryrinth
A creature found in Egypt with the body of a lion, head of a human, and wings of an eagle. It also tells riddles for people to pass or attacks them
Body of lion, head and wings of an eagle. Is also known as the king of the birds
A Celtic creature that is similar to a fairy with pointed ears, green skin, and wings.
A large reptilian winged beast that breaths fire and is usually defeated by knights
A large serpent thatpetrifies its victims with it's eyes, but is afraid of roosters
An offspring of a griffin and a mare that is sensitive to insults and people must bow to them in order to ride them
A small green person who is constantly looked for his pot of gold and is commonly found in Ireland
The three headed dog that guards the underworld
A frightening and ugly woman that forewarns somebody's death and its songs mourn the person
A fire breathing monster that is a combination of lion, goat. and a snake for the tail
Known as man-eater, it has body of lion, face of man, wings, and tail of a scorpion
A woman with snake hair and turns people into stone who gaze into her eyes
Women with wings whose names means that which snatches
Monster from Greek Mythology that whenever it loses a head, they grow back
A female nature deity that are viewed as young beautiful maidens
A half-goat and half-human creature that usually play pipes and are frequently poets
A strong humanoid creature that attack and eat humans
A spirit of a dead person who can be seen by humans
A mischievous creature that damage or sabotage aircraft
A combination of a dragon, snake, and lizard which is similar to a pterosaur

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