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HintGirl Names
African tree. 'A'
French film 'A'
Common French name. 'A'
2 names as 1. Look up at the sky and what do you see in the night? 'A'
An elongated form of a popular name. 'A'
German form of popular name. 'A'
Reminds me of the Arctic and the people whom live there. 'A'
I thought of a shooting star or a comet, but, that's just me. 'A'
French 'A'.
French; also, a Gardner. 'A'
A bluetiful colorful name. 'A'
Cheers! Sweet drink. 'B'
Is she in England or in Alaska? 'B'
Going around in circles could be fun. 'C'
Exploring is in the genes. 'C'
I hope this is not an Italian insult. 'C'
Sadie for short if you didn't want to be mistaken for a Hardy Boy. 'C'
Spice of life. 'C'
Now that Sri Lanka is no longer using it as a name. 'C'
HintGirl Names
To Life To Life La Chaim, wait, I must be toasting because that's not it. Hebrew 'C'
Native American and Wyoming capitol. 'C'
Not your regular island of Italy. 'C'
Flirting is what you'd expect. 'C'
Scooby-dooby-doo. 'D'
Let's hope there are no cinders. 'E'
French. 'E'
A Gabor. 'E'
French and 16th century. 'G'
Different than the comet. 'H'
Would we be setting up this child for a leather and lace life with this name? 'H'
As long as you don't use 7 or Oprah with it, you may be OK. 'H'
Long tall flower. 'I'
A double name - it grows on you. 'I'
Chinese gem. 'J'
Would she be all hands? 'J'
16th century 'J'
Made up but sounds Hawaiian. 'K'
Yes, I watched 'The Wire'. 'K'
HintGirl Names
Take off the 'ly' of a popular late 20th century name. 'K'
Eskimo sounding. 'K'
She'd be a cute baby bunting. 'L'
Early 20th century. 'L'
Veronica Mars. 'L'
Rory would be a good nickname. 'L'
At least it's not messy. 'M'
An Impressionist. 'M'
A 'Spring' baby. 'M'
French; Let's not 'kid' ourselves. 'M'
French noblewoman. 'M'
An Impressionist, also. 'M'
Native American and French name. 'N'
French - she's not a ninny. 'N'
Time will keep on turning; or turn this of a book. 'P'
Because I love these curly, swirl shapes. 'P'
The Eskimo. 'Q'
She'd not let anyone ground her. Also, the color of a horse if you mumbled. 'R'
I'll bet she's an artist and correspondent. 'S'
HintGirl Names
A color of a horse. Or she's an herb, wood--. 'S'
A gem of a name. 'S'
Usually a Russian boys name. 'S'
I must love the Impressionists. Your point? 'S'
At least she's not shy. 'S'
An island of Italy spelled differently. 'S'
Not Sinai, but, she could have a medical background. 'S'
Because 'banshees' already exists. 'S'
A sweet little Susie. 'S'
Just because I want to hear someone imitate Marlon Brando. 'S'
A wild spice island. 'S'
Another take on Susan. 'S'
A wild and tumbling river. 'T'
Impressionist, the final one. 'T'
'Vivian' is to blank as 'Susan' is to 'Suzienne'. 'V'
I wonder why this season never caught on. 'W'
German softness. 'Y'
Not to be confused with 'Vienna' or 'Zanadu'. 'Z'

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