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Can you name the name the only state that...?

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Forced Order
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...borders two oceans?
...has more than three 'a's in its name?
...played host to the formal conclusion of a foreign war?
...contains the Mississippi River and borders Canada?
...begins with two vowels? home to the American crocodile?
...touches both the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean
...touches the Great Lakes, but for less than 50 miles?
...has a name that comes from French words?
...acquired its sovereignty by proclamation of the president? in the top nine in terms of population, but does not have a team in all of the Big Four sports leagues?
...has a triple divide (water flows into Atlantic, Pacific, and Hudson Bay)?
...has a double sided flag?
...does not have any natural lakes?
...touches the Ohio, Missouri, and Mississippi Rivers, in addition to the Great Lakes? east of the Mississippi River and has a mountain that is over 6,500 feet?
...has had the flags of six different nations fly over it?
...has a population of under 600,000 people?
...has parishes instead of counties?
...has a monument honoring both the Union and Confederate armies?
...consists entirely of two peninsulas?
...turned down the Olympics?
...has a three-word capital?
...has had eight presidents born in it? named after a present-day foreign country?
...does not have a rectangular flag?
...has a capital that begins with 'f'?
...has two pairs of four of the same letter in its name?
...has an active diamond mine?
...has five Big Four teams, but not in all four leagues? not located in continental North America?
...has all of its counties classified as metropolitan areas?
...contains a 'z' in its name?
...formerly had four Big Four teams but no longer has any?
...has a commercial tea plantation? named after a US president? thirteen letters (with no spaces)?
...does not share a single letter with its capital?
...has a Greek motto?
...was one of the Thirteen Colonies and does not border the Atlantic Ocean?
...has legal prostitution? entirely east of the continental divide and joined the union in the 20th century?
...refused to send delegates to the Constitutional Convention?
... did not allow the sale of liquor 'by the drink' (on-premises) until the 1980s?
...does not require those that wish to vote be registered? east of the Mississippi River and has a county with an Indian majority?
...does not have a unit of the National Park System?
...has a unicameral (one house) legislature?
...has one syllable in its name?
...had its state seal designed by a woman?

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