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Can you guess the things from the big bang theory suggested by these clues?

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What Leonard would rather be calledA
The TV show which Sheldon doesn't like, but the other guys doB
The university which the guys work atC
2nd Emily's occupationD
The area of physics which leonard works inE
Sheldon's youtube seriesF
The creature that sits in Shedon's spot in one of his nightmaresG
43 is Sheldons record for whatH
Howards song for Bernadette in series 8 was called...I
The Korean spy that Leonard datesJ
Sheldon considers Leonard to be this person in their landing partyK
Raj's timid girlfriendL
When Leonard is floating an iron ball in his lab, which superhero does he say he feels like?M
The surname of RamonaN
One of the pieces in 3 person chessO
The city which Sheldon and Leonard live inP
Bernadette is in what when the others sing a song for her?Q
Howard dresses as a jester to what?R
The Doctor that Leonard datesS
What they eat on a monday nightT
Elizabeth Plimptons book was called: 'The Effervescent...'U
The name of the actor who played AliciaV
The nae of Wil Wheatons character in Star TrekW
The thing used to send signals across the Internet and around the world X
What colour shoes does amy wear to make herself more prominentY
Stu the cockatoo is new at the...Z
Bonus question: Which apartment does penny live in?Bonus Question

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