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Can you name the SSF4 Characters Special Moves? 99 to guess plus 8 hidden from AE (Hidden answers are non compulsory)?

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Famous Energy Blast
Hovering Spin Kick
Rising Uppercut
Energy Palm(s)
Up side down version of number 2
Flipping Splits Kick
Ki Blades
Splitting Somersault
Forward Spin attack
Rising Spin Attack
Electrical Attack
Flame Illusion
Fury Illusion
Raised Fury Illusion
Lunge Head
Butt Bomb
Head Slam to Butt Crush
Aerial Russian Roullette Slam
Ki Hand
Spinning Arms at standard speed
Target: Your Ankle
Rising Leg
Invasion of many outcomes
1-2-3 punch
Spinning Sizzler Kick
Over the Back
Sharp Wave
Oh Yeah!
Rising Trio Kicks
Spin Head Slammer
Rising Head
Charging Bird Man
Straight Punch
5 level Punch
Boxer Horns
Tumbling Claw
Aerial Horizontal Claw
Enraged Vanity
Knee Attack
Roaring Uppercut
Uppercut Booster
Dark Spinner
Dark Rainbow
Dark Teleport
School-Girl Power
Running Uppercut
Leaping Spin Kick
Short Lived Energy Throw
Awesome! Uppercut
No Way!
Scarf energy
Scarf Barge
Scarf Mirror
Amateur!/Foolish Whelp!
Finger Blades
Set Up for Rain of Kicks
Every route ends with 'Yaaahh'
Unsafe airspace
Swing swing slam
Space Whirl
Rapid Leaping Python Bites
The Saviour's Kick
Tasty Aerial Leg Catch
Iron Torso Barger
Run, Run, Run
Smuggled Weapon
Hi Low Kicks
Caught Ya! Energy Sphere Fist!
Lunge Fist
Sky Fist
Aerial Slice Kick
1,2 lost count puncher
Struck by a Gentleman
The power of the Delinquent Rock
Sucker Punch
Quick Duck Shoulder
Ninja spin kicks
Busshin Izuna
Thai High Knee
Crescent Heel
Wall Bolt Kick
Leg Store
SF3 Dive Kick
Pinwheel Kick
Looks like it's time to oil up!
Problem with hugging
Aerial Demonic Energy
Demonic Cutter
Demonic Shadow Step
Empty Aerial Spin Kick
Stepless Palm
Vacuum Counter
Come to me

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