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Vertically gifted
A fee usually associated with a bridge
Used for assistance on difficult jobs
The fictional TV network of Cel Damage
The game based off the 1982 Disney movie
Train, in Madrid
An adolescent
To overflow with
____ Fortress 2
A structural support
To hit repeatedly
Miami ____
To carry a large load
____ 4 Dead
The 40 day period before Easter
A common VoIP program used by gamers
confined, repressed
Chinese tennis player Shuai ____
One of the earliest arcade games
The currency of Vietnam
Finished with
To fawn over
A Warcraft III Mod
Puts on
Soldak Entertainment's ____ Curse
Turns down
Maxis' life simulation game
Lowers from a standing position
The centers of peaches
Produces a hole
The ____ of war
A stray or motherless calf
Half rotten
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