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acronym for incoming solar radiation
mixing ratio/saturation of mixing ration x100 calculates
Emission of electromagnetic energy from an objectq
on what day does the summer solstice take place?
what thermal layer is warmed by the earth's surface?
the most beautiful black body in Shippensburg
curve representing the changing angular offset of the sun
effect of gravitational attraction between the earth, moon and the sun
combines heat and humidity factors
formed through adiabatic cooling of rising air
deflection of both air and water currents as a result of the west to east rotation of the earth
scattering of wavelengths is resposible for
10 C/1000m or 5.5 F/1000ft is
pressure exerted on the atmosphere by water vapor
Water changing from a gaseous to solid state is
tiny suspended particles are called?
what % of atmospheric mass lies below 16 miles of sea level?
Human released chemicals that destroy ozone?
forms of clouds
what is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
Hotter object emit ____ wave radiation
Heat transfer by actual movement of molecules
heat transfer by contact
on what day does the winter solstice take place?
the atmosphere is made up of?
6 C/1000m or 3.3 F/1000ft is
energy transfer into or out of an object based on temperature difference
Water changing from a solid to gaseous satate
what thermal layer is warmed by the ozone?
the amount of water in the air
the temperature at which air must be cooled to reach saturation

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