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FactoidAnswerConsole and Year
This was the very first game Quickman ever played. Despite now thinking the game is terrible, he holds it high for the nostalgia factor alone.GameCube, 2001
A racing game with BOATS.PSN, XBLA, 2010
This game is a two-button spin-off of a popular rhythm game franchise.PSN, XBLA, 2012
And another game of the same series...Xbox 360, PS3, 2008
The racing game with the club-worthy soundtrack.Arcade, PS1, 1993
The only FPS on this list. Be ready to boo me for it.Xbox 360, PS3, 2012
The best Zelda game ever made. ... No, the OTHER best Zelda game ever made!N64, 2000
Quickman's favourite Beatmania game.Arcade, 2000
Quickman's second favourite Beatmania game.Arcade, 2013
And a DDR one...Arcade, PS2, 2002
A smooth-as-**** 3D fighting game.Xbox 360, PS3, Arcade 2006
A slightly-less-smooth-but-still-really-good 3D fighting game.Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Arcade, 2011
Quickman's favourite Street Fighter game.Arcade, PS1, Dreamcast, Saturn 1998
Back in time for this one - a hard as balls platformer featuring a future Dead Or Alive character.NES, 1988
FactoidAnswerConsole and Year
The third in the revolutionary Konami space shooter series.Arcade, SNES, 1989
A game about a guy, a girl, and a Ferrari.Xbox, 2003
A classic high-speed racer.SNES, 1990
What is a man?PS1, 1997
The last MvC game ever released.Xbox 360, PS3, 2011
A brilliant open-world driving game.Xbox 360, PS3, PC, 2012
Quickman's favourite arcade shooter.Arcade, Dreamcast, GameCube, 2001
Quickman's favourite puzzle/casual game of all time.XBLA, PSN, PC, Various phones, 2007
Quickman's favourite music game of all time.Arcade, 2010
Quickman's favourite racing game of all time.Arcade, Saturn, PC, 1994
Quickman's favourite fighting game of all time.PS2, PSN, XBLA, PC and Arcade, 2008
Quickman's favourite RPG.SNES, DS, 1995
Quickman's second favourite video game of all time.PS1, PS2, Xbox(enhanced version), N64, GameCube, 2001
It's in the name...NES, 1988
Quickman's favourite video game. Period.PS2, Xbox, GameCube, 2003

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