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Complicated LyricSongAritst - Actual Lyric
A human being informed me that you were engaged in a relationship with a male significant other who bore a striking resemblance to a female significant other that I had previously.
I blaspheme by the earth's satellite and the gaseous spheres in space
I succumbed to gravity near a circle-shaped inferno
Currently this day is the next and the next day this one - and the day before is fluctuating between the inside and the outside.
Those people demanded that he no longer hang around these parts. They desired to not gaze upon his countenance, and suggested he vanish.
In the beginning I was scared, I was turned to stone...
Female parental unit, I just caused a man to cease breathing, placed a firearm along his temple, fired a projectile, he is now lifeless.
The latter part of this day shall be a fantastic latter part of the day.
Complicated LyricSongAritst - Actual Lyric
I pay little mind to the low opinions others have of me.
In the dark, things are safer. We are in this place, hold our attention. I have feelings of communicable unintelligence. We are in this place, hold our attention.
Condensed air is continually striking my cranium.
If you were able to perceive that I am person who comprehends you... I've been present for eternity, why can't you visualize...
Are you capable of recalling when we once melodically said blah da da da da da da da da da da hee haw
Your skin on mine, my skin on yours. Oh sacarine [Partial Song Title]
Unable to cease, dependent on the party.

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