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Description of animetitleyears active
An unlucky college guy accidentaly contacts the Goddess helpline and is granted one wish. He wishes that the Goddess grating his wish would stay with him on earth.1998-1999 2005-2006
An female orphan moves in with a friend from school and his family. However, the family are cursed, posessed by spirits of the chinese zodiac.2001
A series based on a video game, in which an MMORPG poses a threat to it's players, causing some to end up in a coma.2003
A former prince obtains a power known as geass, and uses it to destroy an empire that has been taking over other countries2008
Hostile beings called Angels are threatening mankind, and the only way to fight them is for teenagers to pilot giant humanoids named evangelions.1995-1996
A young boy gains elastic abilites after eating a strange fruit, and ends up traveling the world with his pirate crew to find the ultimate treasure know as 'anime title'.1999-ongoing
Follows a young boy as he trains martial arts and looks for the seven legendary 'anime title'.1986-1989
A war between humans and vampires, which focuses on abel nightroad, a member of the Vatican.2005
A young man finds an abandoned persocom, which he names Chi.2002
Four lone wolves cross paths while following the scent of the lunar flowers. They form a pack and seek out the flower maiden in order to open the way to paradise.2003
Description of animetitleyears active
Focuses on a new strain of the human race known as the dicionius, whom often have horns on their heads. The story focuses on Lucy, a disiconius looking for revenge.2004
A young boy travels to Tokyo to take part in a bread baking competition in order to win a job at the biggest bakery in Japan. His aim is to make a new type of bread known as Japan,2004-2006
A group of kids form teams, in which they battle each other using highly powerful spinning tops named 'Anime Title'2000-2004
A boy obtains the power of a soul reaper, which he uses to defend souls from evil spirits and help them along to the afterlife.2004- ongoing
A spin off of the City hunter series. A girl is given a heart transplant and begins recieving feelings and memories from the previous owner.2005-2006
A young girl and boy come across a an alien baby, which they are forced to look after so that nobody discovers his identity.2000-2002
A teenage delinquent is struck and killed by a car while attempting to save a life. He is therefore revived and given the title of underworld detective, looking for demons and spir1992-1995
set in a futuristic Japan, a female cyborg fights technology related crimes.1996
A mermaid princess sets out to find the shipwrecked boy she saved seven years ago, hoping to retrieve the pink pearl she gave him.2003-2004
A girl is attacked by a vampire as a child, and as a result cannot remember her past. She attends a special school with a day class of humans and a night class of vampires. 2008
Description of animetitleyears active
A powerful robot is created by the head of the ministry of science to replace his dead son. However, the robot is sold to the circus as he was not able to replace the other boy. He1963-1966
An ordinary teenage girl is told by a talking cat that she is 'Anime Title' and must save the world from the dark kingdom. She is later joined by other senshi, represented by diffe1992-1997
A highschool student discovers a supernatural notebook named the 'Anime Title' which allows the user to kill anybody whose name and face they know by writing it in the book.2007
The story follows a gang of theives led by 'Anime Title', who travel the world to find treasure and escape the law. 1971-1985
A man named Vash the Stampede travels the world causing accidental havoc wherever he goes. This causes a bounty to be on his head for the destruction of a city.1998
A high school student is able to see the supernatural, and concerned by this he visits a wish-granting shop run by a witch. She hires him to help her in the shop.2006-2008
A young boy goes on a journey to capture 'Anime Title' in order to be better than any other trainers. It is his dream to catch them all, and win the 'Anime Title' League.1997-ongoing
A story about a group of girls during their three years together in highschool. Including child prodigy Chiyo Mihama, and her struggle to fit in with the older girls.2002
A ten year old wizard dreaming of becoming a Magister Magi, can only do so by training in the real world. He is made a teacher at an all girls school, where he must keep his talent2005
A young girl discovers she has magical powers after accidently freeing a set of magical cards, which she must then collect and return before an unknown catastrophe occurs.1998-2000
Description of animetitleyears active
A boy attempts the find the girl he made a childhood promise with to get into Tokyo University.However, he has forgotten her name .2000
A girl from Tokyo is transported to the Sengoku period where she meets the half demon 'Anime Title' . They must travel the world in order to to recover jewel shards.2000-2004
Two brothers travel the world in order to restore their bodies, after a failed attempt to bring their mother back to life using alchemy.2000-2004
A traveling merchant finds a pagan wolf deity named holo, who travels along with him, helping him to increase his profits.2008
A sword wielding girl, known as a flame haze meets yuji as she is fighting denizens. She watches over him so that he can't be consumed by any mosters, as he is no ordinary human.2005-ongoing
A group of children end up in a strange world, where they each have a monster friend named a 'Anime Title'.1999-ongoing
A group of elf hunters seek the five missing spell fragments needed to transport them back to their own world. The only way they can get them is by stripping elves and looking for 1996-1997
an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all.1999-ongoing
the series follows the adventures, misadventures and tragedies of a group of bounty hunters, or 'cowboys', traveling on their spaceship.1998-1999

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