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Where does Leo initially propose to Piper?The Honeymoons Over
What do the sisters and Leo use as the codeword for wedding?Magic Hour
What was the name of the fairy friend Prue, Phoebe and Piper had as children?Once Upon a Time
What does Cole dress as for Halloween?All Halliwell's Eve
What is Troxa weak against?Sight Unseen
What is the name of the demon cursed with the powers of empathy?Primrose Empath
What animal did Phoebe used to dress as, as part of one of her jobs?Power Outage
What is the colour of the vanquishing potion used for killing Belthazor?Sleuthing with the Enemy
What does Prue do before she decides to go out with a guy?Coyote Piper
What is the name of the entity residing in the ice-cream van?We all Scream for Icecream
What is the name of Leo's whitelighter co-worker, whom takes over as the girls Whitelighter?Blinded by the Whitelighter
What has Leo lost, which Piper desperately wants to find?Wrestling with Demons
What item does the warlock steal from Prue in order to make her his wife?Bride and Gloom
What drink does Prue ask for when in the saloon with Cole?The Good the Bad and the Cursed
In what way does Prue ruin Pipers wedding?Just Harried
What is the name of the inspector Prue is trying to save?Death Takes a Halliwell
What does Phoebe steal, and get caught by the police for?Pre Witched
Which sin does Leo get infected with?Sinfracisco
What is the name of Cole's mentor?The Demon Who Came in from the Cold
What was Phoebe making for Cole?Exit Strategy
What is Phoebe transformed into due to her depression over Cole?Look Who's Barking
Who do the sisters want the source to get to help turn back time?All Hell Breaks Loose

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