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QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
Which Sister recieves the power of Premonition?Something Wicca this way comes
What is the name of the demon that steals youth from its victoms?I've Got you under my skin
What is the name of the girls' father?Thank you for not Morphing
Which sisters birthday occurs in this episode?Dead man Dating
Which two sisters cast a spell to attract their ideal mate?Dream Sorcerer
What is the name of the demon intending to wed a mortal man?The Wedding from Hell
What is the only way to vanquish the demon kali?The Fourth Sister
What is said to be Prue's favorite Sandwich?The Truth is out there... and it Hurts
What is the Warlock Matthew cursed into?The Witch is back
What is the name of Prue's evil warlock boss?Wicca Envy
Which African country does Clay steal an Urn from?Feats of Clay
QuestionAnswerEpisode Title
What is the Wendigo afraid of?The Wendigo
What is Prue's worst Fear?From Fear to Eternity
What magical being does Phoebe discover Leo is?Secrets and Guy's
What is the Halliwell's house said to be on?Is there a Woogy in the House?
Which color sweater does the original Prue wear?Which Prue is it anyway?
How many times has Grams been married?That 70's episode
What is the only way Brendan can rid himself of his warlock past?When Bad Warlocks go Good
Which Demons steal the sight of children in order to see the auras of humans?Out of Sight
Where does Phoebe go instead of doing her chores?The Power of Two
What is the only being that can kill a Whitelighter?Love Hurts
What does Piper spill on her top at Quake?De Ja Vu all over again

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