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Loves naps as much as cats
Collects cute things when he sails around the world, including a giraffe
Crossdressing is a hobby
Has a Love for Ice Cream
The eldest of the Baltic Brothers
Banned from the Anime
Gave Russia his scarf as children
Noted to be a heavy drinker and the 'King of Norther Europe'
Is a rival of the Netherlands
Can be mistaken for being America
Nickname is 'West'
The tallest of the allies
His anger is Chopan
Suffered from Chloreia as a child
Germania's Grandson
Has a pet Rabbit
Loves poetry and romantic novels
Was raised by France as a child
Is Sealand's 'Father'
Is friends with Russia and has a pet puffin
His Birthday is March 17th
Has an anubis like creature for a pet
Lacks an army
Is loyal and attached to 'Old Fritz'
Has a rivaly with Seland and can not grow up
An Honor Student fond of ballet
Wants China to leave Japan alone
Skilled with information technology
Wants to make safer cars due to Italy's driving
Was discovered by Finland and Sweeden as a child
Interests include: embroidery, craftsmanship, literature, rock music
Broke Lithuania's bones as childen out of jelousy
Fought to be called the Tulip Nation with The Netherlands
Discribed as 'eternaly netrual' and trigger happy
Sweden's 'Wife'
Fans have nicknamed her Alice
Was told by God to hit France
Iceland's DNA brother
Has a Rose for a censor bar
Is said to have thick eye brows because of a curse

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