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Can you name the Pretty little liars characters?

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HintAnswerTV show
One of Emily's girlfriends, moves into Alison's house, also diesPLL
Short and artsy, loves EzraPLL
Spencer's old boyfriend, married another chick but she diesPLL
Hanna's boyfriend, he used to live at the schoolPLL
Emily's mumPLL
Spencer's mumPLL
Is Aria's feyonce, is a school teacherPLL
Hanna's mumPLL
HintAnswerTV show
Loves swimming, has multiple girlfriendsPLL
Very academic, finds out shes not her mummy's girlPLL
Sends scary messages to the girlsPLL
Aria's mumPLL
Was Emily's rival in swimming but they get togetherPLL
Main girl of the friendship group, goes missing at start of show everyone thinks shes deadPLL
Was best friends with Mona, lost heaps of weightPLL

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