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HintStudy (Year)
Measures of personality (16PF)
Theories of personality (E, N, P)
Personality and sport peformance (4 kinds of sport)
Instinct theories of aggression
Social theories of aggression (film violence)
Managing aggression in sport (Bobo doll)
Achievement motivation
Sports-specific achievement motivation (SOQ)
Techniques of motivation (self-determination)
Theories of arousal (Inverted-U)
Types of arousal (somatic)
Factors affecting arousal - type of skill
Trait and state anxiety (SCAT)
Multidimensional approach (CSAI-2)
HintStudy (Year)
Models of anxiety (Castastrophe theory)
Sport confidence (666 participants)
Theories of group cohesion (stages)
Social loafing
Aspects of cohesion (task & social)
Studies of audience effects (cockroaches)
Theories of audience effects (presence of an audience)
Home advantage
Trait & type theories (Great Man)
Contingency theories
Coaching (baseball)

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