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1650s, Greek, 'harsh sounding,' from kakos 'bad, evil' + phone 'voice'.
1762, Modern Latin, 'feeler,' from tentare 'to feel, try' (variant of temptare 'to feel, try, test') + -culum.
1763, Spanish, altered (by folk etymology influence of earlier Spanish 'lawyer,' from same Latin source as advocate) from earlier aguacate, from Nahuatl ahuakatl 'testicle.'
1900, English, 'not genuine,' perhaps an alteration of fawney 'gilt brass ring used by swindlers.'
1530s, Arabic, hashishiyyin 'hashish-users,' plural of hashishiyy, from hashish. A fanatical Ismaili Muslim sect of the time of the Crusades.
1711, Chinese, koechiap 'brine of fish.' still in use in U.S. Originally a fish sauce.
1670s, French, nonchaloir 'be indifferent to, have no concern for', from non- 'not' + chaloir 'have concern for,' ultimately from Latin calere 'be hot.'
1638, Hindi, Jagannath, 'lord of the world,'. Sanskrit. jagat 'world' + natha-s 'lord, master.'
1923, Czech, robotnik 'slave,' from robota 'forced labor, drudgery,' from robotiti 'to work, drudge.'
1551, Mod Latin, 'nowhere,' coined by Thomas More. Greek. ou 'not' + topos 'place.' Extended to 'any perfect place.'

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