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'The ocean shook, the sky went black, and the captain quailed/And before us grew the angry jaws of a giant whale'Picaresque
'But there on the motorway/Reeks of marmalade/It's a chemical, chemical kind/As it lights upon your eye'Her Majesty the Decemberists
'And I am a writer, writer of fictions/I am the heart that you call home/And I've written pages upon pages/Trying to rid you from my bones'Picaresque
'Look for me when the sun-bright swallow/Sings upon the birch bough high/But you are in the ground with the wolves and the weevils/All a'chew upon your bones so dry'The Crane Wife
'There's a tough word on your crossword/There's a bed bug nipping a finger'Picaresque
'And painting rings around your eyes, these peppered holes too filled with crying/A whispered weight upon the tattered down where you and I were lying'The Hazards Of Love
'When first we laid eyes/I swore to no compromise/Until I felt my caress on your skin'The Crane Wife
'No more a rake and no more a bachelor/I was wedded and it whetted my thirst/Until her womb started spilling out babies/Only then did I reckon my curse'The Hazards Of Love
'Among five score pachyderm /Each canopied and passengered/Sit the duke and the duchess' luscious young girls/Within sight of the baronness'Picaresque
'And everybody knows if you don't/Mind your mother's words/A wicked wind will blow/Your ribbons from your curls'The Crane Wife
'God that I could, that my two arms could give me wing/And I would cross your breadth and rest my breast about her amber ring'The Hazards Of Love
'Lazy lady had a baby girl/And a sweet sound it made/Raised on pradies, peanut shells and dirt/In a railroad cul-de-sac'Castaways and Cutouts
'And how it whispered, 'Oh, adhere to me/For we are bound by symmetry/And whatever differences our lives have been/We together make a limb''Her Majesty the Decemberists
'I am an orphan, an orphan boy/I've known no love, I've seen no mother's joy/A dirty doorstep my cradle laid/My fortune's made, I'll shake you from your sleep'Her Majesty the Decemberists
'Sound the keening bell/To see it's painted red/Soft as fontanel/The feathers in the thread/When all I ever meant to do was to keep you'The Crane Wife
'Would I could afford to buy my love a fine robe/Made of gold and silk Arabian thread/But she is dead and gone and lying in a pine grove/And I must push my barrow all the day'Picaresque
'And here in Spain I am a Spaniard/I will be buried with my marionettes/Countess and courtesan/Have fallen beneath my tender hand/When their husbands were not around'Castaways and Cutouts
'Pretty hands do pretty things when pretty times arise/Seraphim and seaweed swim where stick-limbed Myla lies'Her Majesty the Decemberists
'And we'll remember this when we are old and ancient/Though the specifics might be vague'Castaways and Cutouts

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