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Can you name the Roman Emperor by how he died?

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Stabbed to death by 20 senators in the Curia. Beware the Ides of March!
Died peacefully of natural causes...or was Livia a bit too eager to make her son emperor?
Poisoned by Agrippina, who would later be murdered by her own son
Killed himself with help of his servant Epaphroditus...it was either that or let the senate get him
Killed by his chamberlain Eclectus and mistress Marcia...but not by the lions he fought in the amphitheatre
Killed by the very praetorian guards whose loyalty he won in an auction
Killed by his brother Caracalla...perhaps in his own mother's arms
Killed after attempting to hide in a chest...apparently Rome wasn't ready for a Syrian meteor god
Killed by the senator who swore to help him fight the usurper Pacatianus
Killed at Abrittus by the Goths...I guess all those sacrifices didn't please the gods
Captured by the Persian king Shapur, rumored to have been flayed and stuffed for display after his death
Died of a massive tumor in his colon...but not before having a change of heart on his religious policy
Drowned in the Tiber after trying to flee his rival...guess he shouldn't have destroyed the Milivian Bridge*
Impaled by a spear in the middle of the desert...was it from the enemy or his own army?
Died of a brain aneurism...those German ambassadors just make him so angry!
Killed in a minumental defeat to the Goths at Adrianople...probably should have waited for western reinforcements

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