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Can you name the famous barbarian enemies of the Greeks and Romans?

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SignificanceNameYear of Significance
Persian king whose army fought at Thermopylae480 BCE
Leader of the Gauls who lost to Caesar52 BCE
German leader who defeated three Roman legions9 CE
Female warrior who rebelled against the Romans in Britain60-61 CE
King of the Daci during Trajan's Dacian wars101-102, 105-106 CE
Leader of the Goths who invaded Moesia, Thrace, and Greece250-251 CE
The 'Little Wolf' who evangelized in Gothic territory340s CE
Commander of the Goths who fought Valens at Adrianople378 CE
Military commander of Frankish decsent who backed the usurper Eugenius393 CE
Military commander of Vandal descent who was executed by emperor Honorius408 CE
'King' of the Goths who sacked Rome410 CE
SignificanceNameYear of Significance
King of the Vandals who sacked Carthage439 CE
Hun who ravaged Roman territory, eventually defeated at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains440s CE
Commander of the Rugi, disposed Romulus Augustulus476 CE
Ostrogothic king who took Italy489-93 CE
First Frankish king to be baptized as a CatholicBetween 497 and 506 CE
King of the Vandals whom Belisarius defeated533-534 CE
King of the Goths whom Belisarius defeated540 CE
Gothic ruler who attacked Byzantine forces in Italy 540s CE
Goth in Constantinople who wrote a History of the Goths550s CE
King of the Lombards who attacked Italy568 CE

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