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Can you name the Final Fantasy VII Places?

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Location of Shinra headquarters. Where the game begins.
Home of a man searching for the Guide Book, Desert Rose, and Earth Harp.
Where you learn how to catch birds...
Underground Area past the Swamp
Original home of the Sister Ray
Resort town
Area with abandoned train tracks
Barret's hometown
Arcade, chocobo racetrack, battle arena
Desert jail, home to Dyne
Zack's hometown
Red XIII's hometown
Where Red learns about his father
Cloud and Tifa's hometown
Where you fight the Materia Keeper
Cid's hometown
Cetra Shrine
Excavation site on Northern Continent
Aerith's place of death
Village on Northern Continent, first area on Disc 2
Confusing area, where you end up after snowboarding
Where you fight Schizo (the two headed dragon)
Where Cloud gives Sephiroth the Black Materia
Where Cloud goes to recover from sickness, eventually consumed by the Lifestream
You defend this town from intruders
Where you can find the Guide Book
Where the game ends
Yuffie's hometown
Underwater side quest area
Unlocked by defeating Ultimate WEAPON
Where you learn about Vincent's past
Where you find Quad Magic materia
Where you find Mime materia
Where you find HP | MP swap materia
Where you find Knights of Round materia
Chocobo Expert on Northern Continent

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