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Handing or passing the ball backward from its position on the ground with a quick and continuous motion of the hand or hands
A catch by any defensive player
A simultaneous change of position by two or more offensive players after the ball is ready for play for a scrimmage play and before the next snap
A free kick that starts each half and follows each try or field goal
Obstructing an opponent by contacting him with any part of the body
When an offensive player is in or beyond the neutral zone after the snapper touches, or simulates touching, the ball before the snap
A kick by a player of the team in possession while the ball is controlled on the ground by a teammate
Intentionally striking the ball with the knee, lower leg, or foot
Any act, other than passing, kicking, or successful handing, that results in loss of player possession
A result imposed by rule against a team that has committed a foul
The space between the two lines of scrimmage extended to the sidelines and is the length of the ball
The rectangle defined by the goal line, sidelines, and end line
A kick by a player who drops the ball and kicks it before it strikes the ground
A kick by a player who drops the ball and kicks it as it touches the ground
A catch beyond the neutral zone by a player who has made a valid signal during a scrimmage kick that is untouched beyond the neutral zone
The holding or controlling of a live ball or a ball to be free-kicked
A block against an opponent occurring when the force of the initial contact is from behind and at or below the waist
The area that runs from end line to end line on each side of the field and separates the field of play from the area that is out of bounds
When a player firmly grasps a live ball in flight
When a defensive player is in or beyond the neutral zone when the ball is legally snapped
Any line in the field of play parallel to the end lines, either marked or unmarked.
A unit of the game that starts with a legal snap or legal free kick after the ball is ready for play and ends when the ball next becomes dead
Two or more players grouped together after the ball is ready for play but before a snap or a free kick
Touching the ball by an opponent of the kicking team in an attempt to prevent the ball from advancing beyond the neutral zone

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