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DescriptionDouble-letter wordDouble-letter
a leavened flatbread common in South AsiaA
a type of monestaryB
a country in North AfricaC
a snakelike fishE
a chewy candy made of sugarF
to keep several balls in the air by tossing and catchingG
to refrain from givingH
a mushroom used in East Asian cookingI
Muslim pilgrimage to MeccaJ
the person who records the accounts and transactions of a businessK
capital of JordanM
DescriptionDouble-letter wordDouble-letter
a baby rabbitN
country in West AfricaO
a reddish-brown metalP
location of the Step Pyramid in EgyptQ
to be apologeticR
a device for cutting paperS
a cake prior to cookingT
an appliance for cleaning carpetsU
to divide or share an amount of moneyV
a female beetle that lights upW
American oil company that merged with MobilX
name of Hebrew origin, meaning lifeY
heavy snow and strong windZ

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