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Thong socks
An apple coated with 'sleeping gel' and injected with bowel irritant to induce 15 minute naps
A cell phone that only dials Fred Willard, who gives live advice to all users at once.
Insurance coverage for getting struck in the testicles
A hardware accessory for older PCs that organizes MIDI audio files by assigning random numbers to them
A feathered flying disc with the legs and head on top that resembles a turtle
Encyclopedia of Numbers
A board game in which players have to guess things that are not Jackie Chan
To get rid of 'raccoon eyes' from tanning with sunglasses on
A digital baseball umpire in the form of a deer statue. It also warns users of bear attacks by falling silent.
Pills that, when ingested, converts your feces to edible eggs with neon-colord yolk
A stuffed animal meant to resemble a combination of a bat and an owl
A stuffed bear with the growl of a cougar meant to give you something to be afraid of at night.
A one button, multi-antennae cell phone that can only place calls and has only enough battery power to make one call
Horse hair extensions for children to wear, coated in candy flavors for sucking on. also availible in dreads and bangs
A life-size grandfather doll, who smells like real grandfathers and despences candy
A not-so-easy to use long distance telephone service provider
3 VHS Cassettes of James Quall Impressions with 200 hours of bonus material
A small pipe that can be attached to a urinal to redirect the flushing water to allow showering in any public restroom.
A method of inaccurately and inefficiently being put on trial over the web.
A beverage derived from filtering water through the pulverized contents of cigarettes.
A video cube which contains a movie that can be plugged into a VHS tape and played on a VHS player.
Cumberbunds aren't just for tuxedos anymore.
A life-size son doll, which is periodically replaced with larger, older son dolls
A minidisc that contains several programs that are meant to simulate the experience of the Internet
Protective liners you wear under your trousers to capture and contain your uncontolable diarrhea. They are for diarrhea ONLY, and not to be used for solid stool.
Product that combines a horse with a boar
Revolutionized the poop experience. Consisting of a fecal pump that directs into a liquifier and ejaculates from a flow spout.
A kit is used to add rhinestones around your mouth
Stadium Cinco owns which was a venue used for a Bread Harrity concert
Televsion program these products are aired on
Cinco's competions mentioned on Jim and Derrick
Product made by Cinco's competition
Fisrt names of Cinco's owners
Name of season 5 of the TaEAWGJ!

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