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Can you name the Popular Musicals on Broadway right now?

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About a boy who gets superpowers
Directed by Julie Taymor
Features music by U2
Has had numerous injuries
Involves flying not being done by a magic nanny
At one point included dancing spider hookers
Cost 65 million to produce
Its only a matter of time before an actor dies
Had over 100 previews
Performed at the Tonys, despite not being eligible at the time
At one point, it featured a 'geek chorus'
It doesn't turn on the light, it turns....
Currently the third highest grossing show on broadway
Will have to run for more than 80 years to become profitable
The Producers of this musical envy Max Bialystok
Will likely win at least 15 Tony Awards, even though there aren't that many catagories
Was featured on the cover of 'The New Yorker'
Lone musical on Broadway based on a movie that was based on a comic book
Is somehow still running
Plays at the Foxwoods theater

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