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Who won the first season with an immunity idol?
Who went by Papa Smurf?
What was the first orange tribe?
Who was the first to receive 6 jury votes?
Who found the first ever immunity idol?
Season with an even numbered jury?
Longest season of survivor?
Got eliminated on day 39?
First woman to play 2 seasons in a row?
Alphabet voting strategy?
2nd Person to Mutiny?
Fan favourite of Panama?
First female tribe
Second female tribe
Rob Mariano's first season?
This tribe never won immunity?
This tribe also never won immunity?
First season with 4 tribes?
Winner of season 13?
1st Runner up of season 13?
First to play a fake immunity idol?
First man voted out of survivor?
Won final immunity in Panama
Only All-Stars contestant from season 5
Won Twice
Blindsided himself?
Coach's first season
Longest immunity challenge winner
First woman to win survivor
3rd Place on season 6

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