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QUIZ: Can you name the Megadeth song by the lyrics given?

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Forced Order
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Hello me, its me againCountdown To Extinction
Killing for religion, something i never understoodRust In Peace
Full throttle, hit the ground runningEndgame
Who says i dont believe in god? talk to him every dayPeace sells
We lie to each other so much, i wish i could (song name)Cryptic Writings
Military intelligence, two words combined that cant make senseRust In Peace
Pull the hammer without a careCountdown To Extinction
I creep in my own housePeace sells
If you love someone you have to let it go Endgame
Wanted dead or deadTh1rt3en
I am a snyper, always hit the markKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
These are the last words i'll ever speakYouthanasia
You'll grow to loath my name, you'll hate me just the sameRust In Peace
Down fell the stars, as they splashed into the seaPeace sells
Pull over, sh*thead, this is the copsSo Far So Good... So What!
I need a ride to the morgue, that's what 911 is forCountdown To Extinction

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