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QUIZ: Can you name the legendary actors/actresses by their early roles in Woody Allen films?

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Five years before coasting to Best Picture on a wave of heavyweight glory, this seminal American action star showed up in 'Bananas' (1971) as a thug who menaces Allen on a subway.
Before barbecuing xenomorphs and fighting with the Na'vi, this sci-fi heroine played Allen's theater date in 'Annie Hall' (1977).
'Annie Hall' also marked early appearances of two distinctively-spoken American actors, one of whom quenched his FEVER for odd EMPHASIS by playing Annie's death-obsessed brother...
...while the other, uh, played a guest at, um, a Los Angeles, er, party.
Fittingly enough, the future Lt. Commander Data popped up in 'Stardust Memories' (1980) as a fan in a crowd scene.
She may be known now as the woman with the most acting Oscars ever, but long before then she played Allen's lesbian ex in 'Manhattan' (1978).
Coincidentally, 'Manhattan' also marked the screen debut of this inconceivably talented 'Princess Bride' antagonist.

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