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Which event in the Bible occurred first?

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Event AFirst EventEvent B
Sodom and Gomorrah destroyedMoses crosses the Red Sea
Jesus meets Zacchaeus the tax collectorJesus walks on water
Nebudchadnezzar's prophetic dreamsDaniel is thrown into a den of lions
David becomes King of IsraelSolomon becomes King of Israel
Andrew becomes a follower of JesusPhilip becomes a follower of Jesus
Tower of Babel builtGreat flood of Noah's time
Magi visit JesusShepherds visit Jesus
God creates land and vegitationGod creates stars, sun and moon
Jacob marries RachelJacob marries Leah
Jesus feeds 5000 with five loaves and two fishJesus changes water into wine
Event AFirst EventEvent B
Jesus is tempted in the wildernessJesus is baptized
Esther saves the Jewish people from HamanJonah is swallowed by a whale
Samson defeats the PhilistinesDavid fights Goliath
Moses's plague of locustsMoses's plague of flies
John the Baptist diesJesus is crucified
Peter heals a lame beggarStephen is stoned to death
Jesus heals a paralyzed manJesus heals an epileptic boy
Joseph is sold to Egypt by his brothersBaby Moses is found in the Nile
Babylon fallsJericho falls
An angel helps Peter escape from prisonAn earthquake frees Paul from prison

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