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Slobodan Milošević leaves president's office of this country
This best selling game console is released in Japan
The United States dollar becomes the official currency of this country
This man is Time's man of the year
The last of this car model is produced in Longbridge.
This city hosts Summer Olympics
This Russian submarine sinks in the Barents Sea
The billionth person in this country is born
Øresund Bridge between these countries is open
This man elected President of Russia
This computer virus starts spreading from Philippines
This tsar of Russia is canonized
This organization starts International Mother Language Day
Counting of votes in this state stops by decision of Supreme Court
Thise TV show celebrates its 30th anniversary
This film is high grossing worldwide
Charles M. Schulz creatof of this comic strip dies
US vs. this company for violation of United States antitrust laws
Israel withdraws IDF forces from this country after 22 years
First crew reaches this orbital laboratory

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