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Group which recorded 'Christmas in Dixie' in the 1980'sA
You may find this city in Kentucky, Indiana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and GeorgiaB
Meaning of word 'Advent'C
Author of 'A Christmas Carol'D
Scrooge's first name.E
One of magi's giftsF
He have stolen ChristmasG
He ordered massacre of the innocentsH
Roman god born on Dec 25th, Sol _______I
Yogi Bear's place to spent ChristmasJ
Who was alone at home?K
She sang 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'L
Indo-Iranian divinity born on Dec 25thM
In Turkey he will come and bring giftsN
The last state to declare Christmas a legal holidayO
Traditional color of AdventP
Acorging to Gospel of Luke he has ordered census which was the reason Jospeh and Mary have travelled to Judea Q
Author of 'Frosty the Snowman'R
Good choice for a Christmas treeS
Timothy Cratchit's nicknameT
What country started tradition of Boxing DayU
Period of sleeplessness and devotional watchingV
Best selling Christmas carol everW
Celebrated on Dec 25th in New New York in 30th centuryX
Swiss duo that made electro version of 'Jingle bells'Y
Place in Austin, Texas where you may find 155 foot Christmas tree with 3000 lightsZ

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